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How much is shipping?

FREE if you live in Canada! Upgrade to expedited / tracked shipping for a  a rate of $12-18

Are Eco Living Club Strips Hypo-Allergenic?

Yes! Both scented and unscented are hypo-allergenic and tested under the control of a dermatologist. They are safe for all skin types and come with a 10-wash happiness guarantee.

How can I return my Eco Living Strips?

If you're not happy within 10 washes we're happy to refund you. All you have to do is ship the unused product and packaging back to this address and include your order number. Once we receive it, we'll process a full refund. No questions asked.
40873 The Crescent, Squamish, BC, V8B 0R9, Canada

How much / many laundry strips do I use?

Each pack has 40 strips. There are 20 sheets in each pack and you simply tear off using the perforated line for your perfectly portioned laundry strip! One Strip = One Regular Load. 

Can I use Eco Living Strips in Hot and Cold Water?

Yes! Eco Living Strips work in both Hot or Cold water. Roughly 75% of the energy required to do a load of laundry goes into heating the water. Try cold and the earth and your wallet will thank you!

How do I use Eco Living Strips with a Front Load washing machine?

Place the strip into your normal dispenser tray (feel free to fold or tear it up if you need to).

How do I use Eco Living Strips with a Top Load washing machine?

Place the strip inside your machine drum and then load your clothes on top.  

Can I use the sheets with a septic take?

Yes! We are septic tank friendly.

What does the Spring scent smell like?

It's a light scent with hints of lemon.

Can it be used with HE machines?

It sure can. High Efficiency friendly!

Can I hand wash with Eco Living Strips?

You sure can. Just rip off the amount you need. It's ok to tear off a quarter size and wash 2-3 regular sized clothes in water by hand. 

Where is Eco Living Club made?

We are a Canadian company that manufacture in Asia. You can read more about our production facility here.

Can I wash colours and white fabrics?

We recommend you keep them separate loads, but you can certainly use Eco Living Laundry Strips on both! Try using cold wash on your colours, and it'll help keep the colour longer.

How are Eco Living Strips reducing waste and emissions?Compared to a traditional liquid detergent, we are both zero waste and significantly more energy-efficient. Our packaging is recyclable, and our product is 100% soluble/biodegradable. We don't ship water, so our detergent is lighter and smaller than bulky laundry jugs. 

What ingredients does Eco Living Laundry Sheets have?

Click here.

Does Eco Living Club have 1.4 dioxane?

No way! We cut out as many harsh chemicals as we could (whilst still having a detergent that actually cleans clothes).

Are you Paraben Free?


Do you test on animals?

No way! That's just crazy talk.

Is there bleach in Eco Living Laundry strips?

No bleach. It still cleans and makes your clothes smell fresh but without the harsh chemicals.

Is there Formaldehyde in Eco Living Laundry strips?

No way. It still cleans and makes your clothes smell fresh but without the harsh chemicals.

Do you have phosphates in your detergent?


Do you have nonylphenol ethoxylates?


Does your detergent include ingredients derived from corn or soy?


What is the legal name of your business?

Eco Living Club inc.